You are not alone! We will help you to find a suitable protective screen

I believe that each of us hoped that this issue would subside and that we could move forward in peace without the outbreak of the virus. In reality, this did not happen.

Do you feel that you are left alone with this whole COVID-19 and protective wall theme and do not figure out how and what?

We want to confirm that you are definitely not alone. Here are some of our customers’ appeals, which can also help you.

💡 I can’t attach to the table!

In this case, we ask – can it be attached to the floor, ceiling or wall? Today, there are a wide variety of profiles and attachments, so the options are wide. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you. We try to make your life easier here.

💡 Usually these are only suitable for indoor conditions, I need outdoor.

As with different attachments, a wide variety of materials are available, such as those that are suitable for indoor or outdoor conditions, in addition to those that are UV and impact resistant.

Always specify where you want your protective wall, then we know to recommend the right material.

💡 You sent me a blue protective wall, I can’t see through it.

This concern still occurs from time to time, fortunately less and less. The surfaces of the protective walls are always covered with a film, will it be a bubble or a self-adhesive film. We always recommend removing the last protective film (blue, white or transparent) immediately after installing the protective wall.

💡 I created a new job behind the service desk and now the post or connection point is right in front of the customer service person.

Don’t worry, we will review the situation and find the best solution together. We are ready to work with our own products, but we also have the experience to do over work which is done by others. If possible, we will preserve the existing protective wall, it is not worth wasting.

💡 Our previously installed protective wall is no longer meet our expectations!

You are always welcome to contact us. Feel free to contact us!