New InVue Products for 2022!

For the last 50 years, InVue has helped retailers solve their biggest challenges by removing obstacles from the in-store experience. This year, we’ve packaged the complete retail experience under one roof with smart, simple solutions – ready for any environment.

Lean into real-time information to anticipate every customer need. Deploy world-class mobility to serve customers at every turn. Leverage industry-leading access control to facilitate secure and streamlined service.

LIVE Locks

Secure access in a single tap.

Finally, there’s an app for that. Available in cam, slider and plunger locks, LIVE Locks combines digital access with industry leading locking security to provide the fastest, most convenient way to deliver quick customer service.


Security as smart as your phone.

This OnePOD can do it all. Switch from high-experience to high-security in an instant or tap into new self-defense technology for hands-free protection when you need it most. The best part? You can do it all from your phone.

NE360H & NE360T

Any payment. Any device. Anywhere

Pick the right equipment for your business and let the new NE360H and NE360T mPOS cases take care of the rest. Mix and match any handheld, tablet, payment device, or operating system – at any time. Because what works today, may change tomorrow. Take your operations mobile with the last mPOS solution you’ll ever need.


Inspire great listening.

Zips All-in-One Headphones is the only headphone solution that offers the complete audio experience. Audio, power, and alarming security combine into one streamlined design to invite customers to try out the newest headphone devices in-store.

If you want to know more, then just fill the blanks and we will get in touch with You, to take you to Virtual showroom to present the products live over safe video call.