About us

Who we are

We are a young, but quickly growing company. Laimincom started in 2012. with small production for the Nordic countries. Since 2015, we have been selling also store and commercial equipment and with that, we have significantly expanded our area of activity.

What we do

We design and manufacture a variety of products, which are made mainly of PET / PVC, acrylic and metal, and custom-made products according to the customer’s requirements. In our product range are also over 42 years and in more than 89 countries selling InVue security devices, to protect the goods against theft and facilitate the work of customer service significantly.

Better And Comfortable Shopping Experience

Our goal is to find or develop new products that inspire you as well as your customers. It is important for us that your shopping experience is pleasant.

Service You In The Best Possible Way


Important that you do better with us and that there is constant development and progress.