About us

Who we are

Laimincom is an active and young company with multiple experiences, both through our employees and partners.

Laimincom has experience with small companies, state-owned companies, private clients and large companies. We have successfully participated in procurement.

What we do

Wide range of different store equipment, advertising accessories, goods protection / security systems. We offer both standard solutions and special solutions that are made according to your wishes. We can also make product recommendations.

Laimincom also provides installation and maintenance with our products.

Better And Comfortable Shopping Experience

Our goal is to find or develop new products that inspire you as well as your customers.

Successful production experience and cooperation with manufacturers allow us to offer the best solutions, while taking into account your real needs. A place to buy for both private and business customers.

Service You In The Best Possible Way


Important that you do better with us and that there is constant development and progress.