TV Manager – One system to manage all your TVs

InVue a completely brand new innovative solution which automates the management of all your store displays in real-time.

Streamline operations by automating the operation of your display TVs – individually or together – through a single function.

Energy saving power loss detection sends notifications in real-time, and automatically restarts displays when power returns. This eliminates the need to turn on the screens manually – finding the right remote and turning everything on and off – every single day – we call it waste of time. A special mobile app is especially handy, if you want to do the operations in your phone.

Detects each TV brand and model that TV Manager sensor is connected with. Get a solid overview of your product range and set up according to brand recommendations or policies from a one device.

Free yourself from the manual, labor intensive process of managing all your TV displays.

Discover how TV Manager can streamline your retail operation.

Source: Invue