Physical security and access control technology for data centers

Introducing a brand new InVue product – RAC Lock – for data centers. RAC Lock delivers industry-leading physical security and access control technology for tamper and breach detection.

The demand for data storage capacity is constantly increasing. Ensuring both cyber and physical security is of the utmost importance for data centers dealing with personal and business data. At the same time, it is important that infringements are detected and curbed immediately.

According to the latest IBM Security report, it takes on average 280 days to identify and contain a breach, an event now costing $3.86 million on average.


Relying on the security of valuable data from the world’s largest retailers as well as brands, InVue has combined its security locks and Acess Manager software and taken it to the next level with RAC Lock, providing real-time visibility and management for data centers – alleviating security risk and network uptime.


Quick deployment without the need for power or network connection.


Add locks to new or existing cabinets, when and wherever needed.


Dual-locking confirmation, tracked key activity and audit of interactions that deter and detect malicious behavior.

RAC Lock combined with Access Manager delivers instant security, monitoring, and measurement at scale. Can easily set up user profiles and assign access by room, zones or individual locks, each OneKEY interaction instantly transfers to Access Manager to see who is accessing what locks, when and where

Installs into new or existing cabinets. RAC Lock eliminating need for batteries or power.
Integrated door and latch sensors offer dual-locking confirmation
Allows you to assign access by role, zone or individual racks

Real-Time Visibility

Using the software, you can control staff access to all, a specific zone, or individual cabinets. Get an overview of who gets what, when and where – detailed reports.

Server rack doors left open
Authorized/Unauthorized access attempts
Number of active keys checked out

Time-based server rack activity

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