Why should I get a tablet for my business ?

I can think of many reasons why you should get one yesterday! I’m going to tell You what I think and why.
First of all, tablets make life easier, so You can access information on the go. They are great middle ground between a laptop and a mobile phone while being small enough to carry around for a day and big enough so you do not need to squint. It does not matter what business You are running, most of the days a tablet will come handy. Either You are selling something, building something, storing something or just want to share some information to people.


Great advantage of a tablet is that You can bring it with You. When You are working in a warehouse or a store with a big surface area, running back and forth between a PC and a customer can be good for You health but it is not very effective. While having a tablet, You can assemble customer’s goods on the run, check the inventory level, look into product’s specifications or what ever You plan to do on a PC. I personally know a warehouse hotel , who are on daily bases assembling hundreds if not thousands of packages while using tablets to locate the right items for the orders coming from e-shop.


There are introverts and there are people in queues, who would rather look up the information they need by themselves. Sometime You just cannot serve all the people at once so You let them wonder by themselves and it is a good way to keep them in Your store for the time it takes for the queue to shorten. For some products it is almost necessary to have a tablet. Imaging buying fireworks and all You see is some red, green and blue colors on the package and seller telling You what it might do. Now imagine if You could see that on a video ? It would help a lot. Same happens if you want to buy something very specific and want to compare it in the shop with something else: either a phone or make-up.


I was buying dog food in a pet-store and saw a tablet cover screwed onto piece of plywood on the checkout counter, which in turn was holding the tablet facing me. Well it worked but it wasn’t mobile anymore and was holding on for its dear life. It was put there so customer could also see what items are put on the receipt and how much they cost. It is a good place to do additional upsell or cross-sell and showing it directly to customer on the tablet. Of course it is quite simple to build a self-checkout using a tablet and letting customers register their own purchases.

I can list many more use-cases on how tablets are already used in daily businesses. The potential is high and why not take action in Your working environment. Laimincom in Baltic states promotes solutions that will help to secure, put on display, allow customers to use and charge these tablets with high quality equipment. We can fix Your tablet to a wall or a counter and make it mobile with a push of a button. While the tablet is docked it is always charged, so You wouldn’t end up having empty battery in the middle of Your day.


Probably the easiest and quickest solution to start using tablets in Your environment. Can be fixed on the wall and counter. Can be used in portrait or landscape mode, charges the equipment and will turn mobile with a simple push of a button.


All metal stand for heavy daily use, which can be mounted on wall or counter. Built in charging and alarm make it very convenient. Optional add-ons like hand- or shoulderstrap increase user experience.


You want to make a kiosk area or just put tablet in the middle of the room when You do not have nothing to but the tablet on ? CT200 comes to help with a one meter tall pedestal stem. Of course this can be installed on the counter as well. Good choice for creating a self-checkout or an experiencing centre.


An ultimate POS system for tablets. Easy to convert from fixed to mobile solution. Features a hub with USB and RJ45 connectivity, that allows to connect to local network or with a mouse, keyboard and a scanner. It is possible to pair with payment terminal or a printer.

If You are planning to introduce tablets to Your business, then reach out to Laimincom as well. We shall help You to make the best out of them so You do not need to worry about security, charging or ergonomics.