Customer experience – a solution for the office

In recent months, several companies have placed great emphasis on masks, protective walls, visors, etc. As it is not the secret, we have been doing this since the spring, when several customers turned to us with their concern.

However, with this whole virus topic, we have not lost customers who want different special solutions. That’s why this time we bring you a nice customer experience in the form of a different special solution.


We were approached by a customer who wanted to order a special size plexiglass for a specific purpose. According to the idea, to place plexiglass boards, instead of the usual boring black chalk boards, on the walls of the office workspaces, as a modern and unique solution.


As the idea was still in its infancy and the customer was very open-minded, we offered the customer different solutions. Opal plexiglass became one of the main choices. Opal glass (white) is indispensable in the production of such special solutions. In order for the idea to become an implementation, we sent a sample to the customer for testing. One of the most important things was to find a material that would definitely keep the marker on the board and should also leave no traces.


Opal plexiglass panels with fixed-sized holes to fit the interior of the office and also with customer-side wall mounts.

Customer feedback:

However, we had to install the boards against the wall due to the fastenings, so we could have made fewer holes, but we are still very satisfied with the result. So they are also as a design element.

Due to the customer’s fasteners, the wall mounting of the boards had to be solved a bit differently from the original idea, but as the customer pointed out, the result was visually good and remained in the office as a design element.

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