Security solutions

We provide permanently powered InVue electronic goods protection systems that protect the goods from theft while greatly simplifying customer service..

Security devices are used to present high-value items in a safe and attractive way to enable customers to enjoy products such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and more to study and address in more detail. It is important to note here that in addition to the usual ones (laptop, phone) it is possible to protect, for example, clocks, computer games, cameras, electronic tools, MP3 players, exhibits, etc.

Goods protection systems are not only for telecommunication or electronics stores, they can also be used in department stores, pharmacies, museums, hotels, restaurants, cafes, small shops, jewelry stores, libraries, etc.

One key, unique codes for department or entire store. Convenience that enhances customer experience, increases sales, and protects products from theft.

In addition to the products, we also offer installation, as well as share recommendations for table / position plans.

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