Worried about increased thefts? 😟 We have a solution for you.

A locked life changes not only the way people live, but also the crime. Many customers have honestly admitted that the new situation caused by the virus has changed the number of thefts in addition to the usual behavior. Whether wearing a mask, which in turn helps to hide the face of a thief, can only speculate.

Retail companies companies need to move quickly to reinforce these crime reductions while preventing new criminal opportunities. Laimincom want to lend a helping hand through product protection systems. Here are some products to help you make life difficult for thieves. Their place is not in society, much less in the shop between the shelves.

Highest level of peg hook security. Provides a higher level of protection for items than traditional magnetic or mechanical hooks. Engineered external body provides increased strength and enhanced resistance to attacks.

If you want customers to receive the products themselves without the service having to do it for them – the T1000 is for you, easy to use push button for customers — that dispenses one item at a time — along with a 5 second time-delayed release that prevents theft. 

The InVue bottle protection is the only solution that protects bottled goods from theft and on-site consumption and cannot be opened with a magnet. There are also no protruding ropes that can be easily cut through.

The protective boxes as we call SAFERS have still not disappeared, their number has even increased. Good and easy to open with one key, it is also possible to hang them on the peg hook. Wide range of sizes. Come and we will help you find the right one.

The Zips family is the most proud one. Different solutions, confirmations. Ideal if it is a so-called non-standard product, for which it is not possible to use other solutions. Suitable for products that do not require a constant power supply or have a separate power cord.

Package Wrap or also more commonly known as “bucket” is definitely what can be found in most stores. InVue has made its product special precisely because it cannot be opened with a magnet.

Security – all electronic security systems are monitorable, Access Manager allows you to assign and manage which departments in the store you associates can access and monitor their use to decrease internal thieft.

Laimincom offers various goods protection systems. We will help you reach a suitable solution! ✅