Quick fix

Height-adjustable cable clamp. Suitable for up to 1 mm cable. Allows to easily adjust the suspension height of the MAG-Sign profile.  To adjust the cable, just push the button down and when you realease the button, the cable lock again.

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Within each profile, there are at least 2 assembling pieces in which Quick fix is screwed in. Quick fix is for every 1 m, fixed evenly so that the profile will be horizontally and not at an angle. E.g. for 1 and 2 meters long is needed 2 Quick fix and for 3 m long 3 Quick fix. The height of the profiles can be adjusted comfortably.

Technical: Screw Quick fix into the assembling plate clockwise, by hand. As long as Quick fix is fixed. Make sure that Quick fix will be vertically. Repeat the same with other Quick fixes. To adjust the height of the profile, press the button on the Quick fix and move the profile up or down, to get suitable height. Make sure the cable won’t come out of the Quick fix.