Tele2 Estonia InVue installation 2022

In Tele2 Estonia we are installing OnePod wireless solution, which can be used for phones, tablets and any other merchandise needed to elevate. OnePOD -s are fastened with slot bracket onto the table (not glued or installed with adhesives) so it is easy to reposition, add or remove positions. The wireless sensors on the merchandise are connected to a zone manager ( a disk installed below ceiling to create a zone). It comes usually in white, but we painted it black to be fitted into customer’s design. It can also be used near the exit to create security gate type of a solution. Video on the left shows how it works and behaves.

With using InVue Smart locks it is very comfortable and time saving to use OneKey to open all the doors and drawers and at the same time arm and disarm security devices. Video above shows the CAM lock installation in Tele2 wooden doors/drawers. The locks do not have any power source like battery or power connector. It is powered by the OneKey that works with IR technology.

An autonomous W2000 wearable solution is providing security to watche’s band and body simultaneously and at the same time charges the watch and allows customer to interract with the wearable. This way it is very easy to allow customers to browse around the store freely in rush hours.

In case you have any questions in regards of the installation and the details, feel free to reach out by leaving your contact to us on the right or give us a call ( phone no. is available in contacts page)

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