Elisa Estonia 2022

Elisa Estonia has created an amazing design and Laimincom has an opportunity to help to realise that. The store in the city of Tartu was redesigned and during that Laimincom installed InVue secure display devices to provide security and opportunity for better customer experience.

In the redesigned store OnePOD solution is used on the counters and also on the angled wall. The OnePOD used in the store features manual locking capability to lock some of the merchandise to the stand without allowing customers to take it into their hands. It also features 80cm cable on a recoiler which is built into the stand’s body and does not clutter the counter top. Sensor that is glued to the phone/tablet can be released easily with a special key, which in return results in discreet re-merchandising opportunity in the staff resting area. OnePOD sensor can be turned 360 degrees on top of the stand which allows to display tablets in both vertical and horizontal positioning.

Laptop counter features InVue’s Zips solutions. Hidden inside the counter there is a 4port alarm units , allowing to secure up to four different devices. On the picture(left) it is visible two black dots in the front of the counter, which bring arming and disarming capability to the top of the counter. This allows to act fast in case the alarm sound from customer unknowing actions towards security measures. The same security system can be used for variety of items starting with laptops, headphones and ending with power tools or scooters. Elisa is using it to secure Laptops and a vacuum cleaner.

Last but not least, accessories are secured by StopLoks. StopLoks are easy method to secure the hooks and lock them from the front. The StopLok is a flexible solution to provide customer a freedom to pick items that are placed before the Stoplok and at the same time secure all the rest that are placed behind the Stoplok. Easy and simple system to reduce theft.

While Tartu store got redesigned we also helped Elisa to renew their seven other stores. By renewal we mean switch outdated InVue battery fed S950 series security stands to OnePod solutions as well. The sales associates showed their gratitude by thanking us while we have made their life much easier. Quick and easy re-merchandising and single power source where the favourite benefits from shop associates.

All the previous systems are controlled by InVue’s OneKEY. The possibility to access StopLoks, arm and disarm Zips solutions and OnePOD solutions reduces stress to find the right key for each device and it also high security due to 12h time-out. After 12h the key becomes useless unless it is returned to the shop where it is destined to work.
If You want to learn more about the solutions used in Elisa stores, leave us Your contact and we’ll contact You!

Some of the pictures used in this post are made by Berta Jänes. Thank you for sharing these, they look awesome!

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