How to improve the sales success of valuable goods?

The importance of simplicity, speed and customer satisfaction – access with ease and service customers — anywhere.

In order to maintain a unified system, the entire solution would be designed in such a way that it would require as few resources as possible and would be able to offer solutions in the future, ie be able to develop.

Also, given the current situation – ability to service customers anywhere – whether in aisle, at checkout, or collection points. The confidence to safely display high-value merchandise, as well as easy access to the products they need.

Solutions for Hardware & DIY Retailers

Business Solutions


Any device. Any payment. Anywhere

Unify store operations and improve customer experience in a variety of settings, including:

  • In-Aisle transactions (Line Busting),
  • Buy Online,
  • Pickup In Store-Home Delivery & Consultations,
  • Lawn & Garden.

Fulfill orders, process payments and deliver goods to customers in-store or carside.

High-Value Displays


Simple. Fast. Secure

A dynamic display platform for accessories that encourages customer interaction.

Quick to install, simple to use, multiple attachments and power sensors.

Cable lock

Universal soluton

InVue’s Cable Lock stands alone in the market as the only solution not vulnerable to magnet defeats.

Ideal for a wide range of products in retail stores. The two different lengths of cable also allow you to attach large products.

Merchandise On Display


Easy to use. Tough to defeat.

From innovative dispensers to flexible locking hooks, our solutions provide superior protection for high-value merchandise while giving customers accessibility to the products they need.

On-Floor And Backroom


The smart lock you can use anywhere in your store.

Portable locking that increases security and accountability to any enclosure, fastening or tether anywhere in your store.

Simple installation and portability for a variety of purposes and seamlessly access anything at any time—with just one key.

Today, when we have a large selection, combining products through one system is a easy. Solutions are especially suitable if you want pervasive brand unity. Unique InVue Access ManagerTM data tells you who did what, where and when.