Laimincom reveals: Do you already know what InVue did?

Those who keep an eye on what we do, already know, but now it’s time to bring it to all our other great customers that what InVue has done.

If the majority of customers think that InVue is only for telecommunications companies, solutions for phones. We confirm that this is not the case, InVue has created a lot of solutions for different products. Starting from various security elements for electronic devices to payment solutions.

You read that right, payment solutions. Invue has now the most flexible and complete mobile point-of-sale solution available on the market. The new NE360 offers retailers the freedom to combine any tablet or mobile device, any payment terminal, and any operating system to create a custom mPOS solution.

InVue’s NE360 offers a fully powered and connected experience and which can be instantly mobile.

New mPOS solution is enhances the customer experience, improves conversion rates and decreases costs associated with legacy systems. You have the opportunity to choose new or even use your own existing hardware to optimize your solution into a fully integrated mPOS system, which is specifically tailored to meet your business needs.

The NE360 Handheld, Tablet solutions and NE360 mPOS Center are available today.

Learn more at > NE360